Safe installations during COVID-19

At ConectaBalear safety is the most important thing

As you know we are going through difficult times in which protecting everyone's health is the most important thing. Our goal is to give you a good service and to keep you connected at all times. However, we’ve had to adapt our work procedures with the latest health recommendations, so that our technicians can continue their tasks with maximum safety.

Before our visit

It is very important that you notify us in advance in the event that someone living at your home is affected by Coronavirus or has its symptoms. In this case, we will postpone the visit of our technicians until it is safe.

Actions during our visit

We appreciate your collaboration with basic prevention measures such as keeping the distance. Our team will take care of the following:

Keep the distance

Our technicians will greet you avoiding any physical contact at all times and will remain more than a meter and a half away from you. Don’t doubt our friendliness, it’s only a safety measure for everyone.

Protection and disinfection

The technicians will wear a mask at all times and they will disinfect their hands with hydroalcoholic gel before entering your home and in any other situation that may require it.

Safe handling of objects

Before handing you the contract, our technicians will use the disinfectant gel, complete their part and leave the document so that you can proceed to fill in your details and sign.
If we need to give you a SIM card, the technicians will bring them in a polyethylene envelope and the cards will be previously disinfected inside.

At the end of the visit

Our technicians will collect their tools, and then clean and disinfect their hands again when leaving your home.

Despite the clean work of our technicians we recommend, as an additional security measure, to disinfect the areas inside your home where they have been working.