Will I have coverage outside the Balearic Islands?

Thanks to the Orange mobile network we can offer you mobile coverage on 99% of the Spanish region and in most of the countries in the World.

Are the connections subject to a minimum contract time?

No, none of our rates is subject to minimum contract times, except if you are told otherwise while formalizing the contract.

Will I be able to make calls and surf on the Internet from foreign countries?

Yes, but you'll have to activate this option from your customer area or contacting us.

Can I call foreign countries using my smartphone?

Yes, this option is activated by default but you can deactivate it from your customer area if you want. You can see the list of rates to call to foreign countries here.

Can I make calls to special priced numbers (905, 803, ...) with my smartphone?

Yes, but if for any reason you prefer not to be able to make them you can contact us to deactivate this kind of calls. You can check the rates for the calls with special charging here.

What do I need to provide in order to obtain a mobile phone line?

You'll have to complete your data from our website or call us, basically we need a bank account number or credit card, and a copy of your DNI, NIE or CIF (depending if the holder is a private person or a company).

With what type of phones will I be able to make use of the ConectaBalear mobile phone lines?

With our lines you'll be able to use any mobile phone, as long as it is unlocked. In case it isn't you can request your previous provider to unlock it or check websites specialized in phone unlocking.

What happens if I've spent all my Internet traffic?

In this case, when spending the data package linked to your line, the browsing speed will be reduced, but we won't charge you for the additional Mb used.

You also have the option to buy packages during that month to increase the available Mb and maintain the maximum speed connexion, more information here.

Do you have prepaid rates?

No. All our plans are under contract, but there is no minimum stay time.

Where can I check my actual call usage?

You can check the mobile phone line usage in real time from your customer area.

What shall I do in case I've lost my SIM card or my phone has been stolen?

You'll have to contact us in order to disable the lost or stolen SIM card and obtain a new one. Call the 222 if you do it from your ConectaBalear phone or the 871 98 69 99 if you do if from any other line.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes, you can do it without any cost, but it's only possible once a month.

How can I activate or deactivate the mailbox and listen to my messages?

You can activate/deactivate the mailbox in any moment from your customer area and listen to the messages calling for free the 121 number from your mobile phone. You can also do it by dialing ##002#.

How do I obtain my SIM card?

You can pick it up at our offices or we can send it to your home.

How can I configure my smartphone to be able to use the Internet?

You can easily configure it following the steps which you will find here. In short, you have to create an APN with the name inet.es

Why does the Roaming symbol appear at some phones, being in Spain?

The SIM card has an identifier of the network it pertains to. Due to ConectaBalear being an OMV (Virtual Mobile Operator) and use the Orange network, if your mobile phone is old it can assume that the roaming mode is being use, but this is only informative, do not worry about it.

Can I configure consumption limits and receive SMS notifications?

Yes, you can configure them from your customer are at any moment and you'll receive them notified on your phone if you want to. Some notifications are sent automatically per SMS, without the need to configure anything.

Can I deactivate the Internet usage in Roaming?

The Roaming service (when you travel to foreign countries) is automatically deactivated, but you can activate that option from your customer area or contacting us.

Can I make use of app like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, etc?

Yes, you can make use of any app that requires Internet as long as you have a mobile phone plan that includes Internet.

What type of SIM cards do you have?

We have all three card types that actually exist on the market:

1. SIM. Is the model that use the most of the smartphones.
2. MicroSIM. Smaller than the SIM, required by: iPhone 4, Samsung SIII, Nokia Lumia, among others.
3. NanoSIM. Even smaller than the microSIM, it is used by: iPhone 5 e iPad mini.

All our cards come already cut for SIM and MicroSIM. If you don't know what type of SIM card you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I maintain my number? How does the portability work?

Yes, you can have your mobile line with ConectaBalear and maintain your actual number. The transfer only takes 2 working days and you won't suffer any disconnection. To transfer your number we only need the details of the contract with your actual operator.

Do I have to cancel my service with the previous provider when bringing my number?

No, at the moment the portability has been completed, the line at your previous operator will be automatically cancelled.

I've lost my PIN, what shall I do?

When inserting multiple times your PIN wrong you'll be requested the PUK code, you can obtain this code from your customer area or written on the SIM card we provided you when signing the contract. Once it has been inserted, you will be able to add a new PIN code.

What does calling foreign countries cost?

You can check the call rates to foreign countries hereí.

I have a mobile phone, but it's not unlocked, what shall I do?

If you've already completed the contract time, you'll only have to call your operator and he's forced to send you the unlock code. Another option is to pay for it (the price is normally near 10 €) in specialized unlock websites.

I don't have a mobile phone, do you give me one?

In order to offer economic rates our policy is to not give mobile phones. After all nobody gives nothing for free, your operator is charging it with the normal monthly rates, or even more. Calculate it, we're sure you'll save money buying an unlocked phone.

Do I need a Wimax Internet line to have Internet?

No, it's not necessary to have other services with us to have a mobile line.