12 Mb Internet connection in Ibiza

The high speed Internet connection has reached Ibiza. For only 78,65€ a month, enjoy unlimited Internet, the perfect plan for users that need an Internet connection for intensive usage.

  • WiFi Router for free WiFi Router for free Hiring your WiFi Internet and bringing your mobile line
78 ’65
Total cost with VAT Included
12 Megabit
3 Megabit
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Included in installation:

  • Installation of the antenna.
  • Cable from the antenna to your house
  • Configuration of your connection
  • Technician travel costs
Setup on offer 0€ Before: 150€
Connection speed

You'll enjoy your Internet connection, with no download limits and always at the maximum speed you've contracted. The Advanced plan permits you to watch multimedia content in high definition, make video calls and play online, without delays.

Email accounts

This connection permits the creation of 5 Email accounts like yourname@conectabalear.com, that you'll be able to access from our website, your smartphone or an email application at your computer. It supports Webmail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP.

Low ping

All our connections are optimized to obtain low latencies. With this connection you'll have a lower ping than with the most DSL connections, so multiplayer games and video calls in high definition will work perfectly. You also can use other services while you play online without any issue.

Offer for Internet signups & installations valid for new customers and for new Internet signups with installation conducted until October 31st, 2021. Advanced installations or additional costs from optional extras and devices are not included in the offer; Offer for a free Router valid for new customers and for new Internet WiFi signups conducted until October 31st, 2021 that include at least one incoming mobile line portability.

No download limits

Unlike mobile networks, we don't reduce your speed or limit the monthly use of your connection.

Without permanency

Stay as long as you want, without any binding or penalty to unsubscribe from our service.

No phone line required

Thanks to our WiMAX network connection, it's not necessary to have phone line in order to have Internet service.

Frequent questions and answers

What do I need in order to have Internet connection?

You only need an antenna which our technicians will install in your home or company and a wireless router in case you want to have a WiFi network and connect multiple devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, etc.).

Do weather conditions like rain affect the connection?

Our WiFi network is ready to operate in adverse weather conditions and therefore we do not suffer incidents due to rain, hail, etc.

Will I also have WiFi coverage in my garden, pool, etc?

With the router we offer when making the installation you'll have sufficient coverage for your house and maybe part of the outside. In case of big buildings, with thick walls or houses with large terrain, the installation of a small antenna that increases the WiFi coverage can be requested, thanks to it you'll be able to enjoy your new Internet connection also from the outside.

What response times do you have on failures?

We give priority to failures, once they are reported, the problem is checked from our office. In case that we have to move to your location, this is normally made in 24-48 hours in working days, but in most of the cases it's fixed during the same day.

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Do you want internet 12 Megabit?

Request today your Internet connection without any type of minimum contract time at only 78,65€/month.