Internet on demand

Deactivate your connection for the months that you won’t be using it and pay only a maintenance fee.

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Easily manage your billing details and the settings of your Internet and mobile line.

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Internet & Mobile

Configure your pack with freedom. You can combine our rates as you wish and get a discount. 💖

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Fiber 100Mb + 2 mobile lines

58 ’00
VAT included
Fiber 100 megabytes
Landline with free calls
2 mobile lines
10GB + unlimited calls
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Fiber 100Mb + Mobile 50GB

61 ’50
VAT included
Fiber 100 megabytes
Landline with free calls
1 mobile line
50GB + unlimited calls
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The best conditions, for demanding users

Without permanency

All our services are offered without any penalty fee for the cancellation of the service. We do not impose any type of permanence. .

Internet coverage

Our connection reaches places where other companies with cable connection do not arrive. We give high speed connection in rural and local areas.

4G mobile connection speed

We are one of the first mobile virtual companies to offer 4G speed connection.

We speak your language

We offer customer service in your language, and a fast technical response service for any problem to be able to solve it in the least amount of time possible.

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