VAT included in all prices
No minimum contract time for any of our services
(+34) 871 98 69 99

Mobile rates made to your liking

Combine yours as you like

Voice minutes

  • No minutes 0 €
  • 100 min 3,95 €
  • 200 min 6,95 €
  • 300 min 8,95 €
  • Unlimited 18,95 €

Internet data

  • No Internet 0 €
  • 500 MB 4,95 €
  • 1 GB 5,95 €
  • 2 GB 9,95 €
  • More data 18,95 €
  • 4,5 GB 4,00 €
  • 10 GB 11,00 €
Total cost with VAT Included
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International calls and upgrades

You can apply for the products once you have been registered. If you already have your ConectaBalear mobile line, just contact with us or activate it on our costumer area.

Upgrade your rate

Extras for your mobile line that will make your life easier

3,63 €/month Dual SIM Card

Use your phone line on multiple devices with a duplicate of your SIM card

3,60 €/month Calls between mobile lines

Free calls to other ConectaBalear mobile lines with the Flat Rate bonus

Maximum 150 diferent call destinations and 500 minutes

Internet Packs

You will never be without Internet, with our data packs

+500MB Bonus 5,50 €
+1GB Bonus 7,00 €

International calls

Call other countries without worrying about the cost

See included countries
100 minutes 8,95 €/month
300 minutes 19,95 €/month

Why should you have your mobile with ConectaBalear?

Coverage in Spain

We cover 99% of the country (Balearic Islands, Mainland, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).

Without permanency

Our lines do not have any type of penalty when unsubscribing.

Without Internet extra costs

When you reach your monthly data limit we'll decrease the speed to 16 Kbit/s and will never charge you more.

Coverage in the rest of the World

Use your phone in any country in the World.

Control your usage

With our management panel you'll be able to manage all aspects of your phone line.

Internet Packs

If you've reached your monthly Internet Data, you can increase it buying a data package wherever you need it.