About us

ConectaBalear is a local operator that provides Optic Fiber, mobile as well as fixed telephony and Wireless Wimax Internet service throughout the Balearic Islands. We are independent from the gigantic traditional companies and have our own latest generation Optic Fiber network! Get to know us!

Internet adapted to the Islands

We offer high-speed Internet connections, for residential and business customers, in urban areas and areas of difficult access where traditional operators do not reach.

Optic Fiber

We have our own Optical Fiber network in Mallorca that provides service to more than 180.000 homes in 70 localities, and is always under constant grow thanks to our own team of network engineers and network deployment. The network is 100% managed end-to-end by our technicians with complete independence from third parties, which guarantees an exceptional level of control and quality of service.

To complete the fiber coverage in the Balearic Islands we have direct agreements for the use of other networks at a wholesale level that reach more than 250,000 homes allowing us to offer fiber optics in 85% of the territory with the best guarantees. All this makes us the local operator with the largest optic fiber coverage on the Islands.

Wireless Internet

WiMAX wireless technology perfectly complements our connectivity solution as it allows us to reach homes and businesses located in areas of difficult range and weak conventional coverage via radio links. We base our network on strategically located repeaters with which we achieve almost total coverage on the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza.

Thanks to our technology of the latest generation and our constant improvement of our backbone network, we achieve a steady, safe and high capacity connectivity. Capable of absorbing the data traffic demand, as the needs of our network grow and the broadband usage of our clients increases.


Also as MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) we offer mobile phone services through the Orange network which allows us to have 95% coverage in the national territory and thanks to the international roaming agreement, coverage in the rest of the world. We thus complete the triple-play product with fixed, mobile and Internet in a single provider.

Optic Fiber coverage 250.000 homes of the Balearic
Wireless coverage 99% of Mallorca and Ibiza

The secret: our network

Are all Internet connections the same? Far from it, excellence in a connection is redundancy, backbone capacity and peering.

Our backbone network is composed of multiple links, which dispose of 10 Gigabit of Optic Fiber from different companies that connect the Balearic Islands in between each other, aswell as the Islands with the mainland. This is done using the undersea cables that are currently available. (Islalink, Telefónica and Spains Electric Net).

We are present in the points of presence (PoPs) of the Internet hubs in Spain, specifically in Valencia (Nixval) and Madrid (Interxion) where we interconnect, with private agreements of traffic exchange (peering) in DECIX and ESPANIX, with the largest content providers which allows us to reduce the latency of our connections to the minimum.

To complete our international interconnections we have transit with the following carriers: Vodafone, Cogent, Islalink (Telia, Level3) and Telefónica.

In order to have a network independent from other operators, we have an Autonomous System (AS57910) and we are members (LIR) of RIPE NCC (Internet Manager in Europe), which gives us our own IPv4 addressing, avoiding having to use technologies such as CGNAT to reuse IP addresses among several clients.

Thanks to our BGP4 routing protocol we always manage to pick the best way to get in and out of the net. In that way the latency time is kept at a minimum. All this together adds up to a stable high-speed connection.

ConectaBalear's Network
Undersea cables
Connection on mainland
Peering and traffic exchange
International connection

We have an Operator's authorization awarded by the CNMC (Telecommunications Market Commission), which allows us to offer Internet access services through our own data network, fixed and mobile telephone services.

Our WiMax access network is made up of four main transmitting centres (Palma, Manacor, Sa Pobla and Ibiza) linked together by a high capacity fiber optic ring. From these we interconnect by means of radio links with our coverage nodes composed of a network of 200 repeaters strategically located on the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza.

Our values and the advantages of trusting us

  • Close treatment, we speak your language
  • Own, stable and quality network
  • Clear prices with no surprises
  • Without permanency in all of the services
  • Our own highly qualified staff
  • Quick and resolutive technical support
  • Reduction of the digital divide in the Balearic Islands
  • Certified Telecommunications Operator

SCIP: a bit of the history

Soluciones Corporativas IP (SCIP) is the parent company of ConectaBalear, specialized in developing own Internet businesses in the Internet, and was created in 2005 by a young team but with a long history in the network of networks.

Our headquarter is found in Manacor (Mallorca), it does count with more than 1700 m2 of modern installations.

Among SCIP's business, we can highlight DonDominio.com, a wholesale domain name register with accreditations in ICANN, ESNIC and EURID among other 90 registries. It currently manages more than 400.000 domains and 195.000 web hosts, making it one of the largest domain registrars in Spain.

If you are a nonconformist and pursue excellence like us, we offer you the best Internet connection, get connected!

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