We offer broadband Internet access in difficult areas for traditional operators, as well as high speed Internet connections in urban areas.

We use WiMAX technology to reach the final customers via radio, basing our network in repeaters strategically located with which we cover almost all the islands of Majorca and Ibiza. We are also constantly expanding.

Thanks to our last generation technology we achieve a stable connectivity, secure and with high capacity that can compete with existing alternatives such as mobile Internet and 3G connections because we don't have any download limit, like a DSL/Cable connection but with higher capacity.

Also as OMV (Virtual Mobile Operator) we offer mobile phone services using the Orange connection.

The secret: our network

We offer Internet using multiple fiber optic Gigabit connections from different operators (actually: Vodafone, Cogent, Islalink and Telefónica), we have our own AS (Autonomous System) and are members (LIR) of RIPE NCC (Internet Management Center in Europe), what allows us to have an own IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.

This allows us through our number AS57910 to have an independent network of any other operator. Thanks to the BGP4 protocol we always choose the best entrance and exit route to the Internet, so the latency times are minimal. This results in a stable and high speed Internet connection.

Our Wimax network consists of four main transmission centers (Palma, Manacor, Sa Pobla and Ibiza), connected between them using a high capacity fiber optic ring. From them we interconnect ourselves using radio with our network of more than 150 nodes that are situated at strategic places in all the island of Majorca and Ibiza.

We have authorization as Operator by the “Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones”, what allows us to offer Internet access service using our own data network and voice over IP services as well as mobile phone services.

Do you want to know how our network works?
Here we explain it to you.

SCIP, a bit of history

Soluciones Corporativas IP (SCIP) is the parent company of ConectaBalear, specialized in developing own Internet businesses in the Internet, and was created in 2005 by a young team but with a long history in the network of networks.

Our headquarter is located in Manacor (Majorca) and has modern facilities with more than 400 m2.

Among the businesses of SCIP we highlight DonDominio.com, a wholesale domain registrar with ICANN, ESNIC and EURID accreditations, among other 45 registries. We currently manage more than 200,000 domains and 65,000 hosting services. Making it one of the largest domain registrars in Spain.

And you, do you join our adventure? Have the best Internet connection, wherever you live, is no longer a dream. Connect!

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