Our network

From Wimax to #conectaconlafibra

We are the reference operator in the Balearic Islands in the rural environment, we offer connections via radio where the rest of conventional operators can not reach, or do it with poor quality. Since 2012 we have managed to offer a real and efficient solution, connecting to Internet more than 10.000 homes and businesses in Mallorca and Ibiza.

Thus, at the end of 2016 we set ourselves a new goal: to be the telecommunications company, of Balearic capital, leader in fiber optic connections (FTTH). That is why we have started the first phase with the launch of our own fiber network in locations unattended by the large operators with the purpose, in a second phase, of reaching all of Mallorca, and finally the rest of the Islands.

We rely on our optic fiber trunk network, with which we join the Wimax transmitter centers, and we connect by submarine cable to Valencia with high capacity links. This makes us an independent and autonomous operator with a great capacity for growth.

The difference is the network

Thanks to our engineering department and our own external team, the ConectaBalear fiber optic network is developed. It is an owned network, without dependence on third parties, which allows us to control the entire process from the beginning of the project to the start-up. It allows us to offer the best possible service, having total management over all our infrastructure, and being able to grow without limitations.

ConectaBalear takes optic fiber to your home, while other competitors only reach their node only at street level, changing from there to a coaxial cable to your home, thus limiting the growth capabilities of your Internet connection.

This difference allows the installation to remain forever, since it prepares the home to be able to reach speeds of more than 1 Gigabit per second. You will be ready to enjoy what is to come!

Do you want fiber in your home? Check the coverage and ask for an installation appointment