How the ConectaBalear's WiMAX network works

We're the main service provider in the rural areas of the Balearic Islands, with radio connections where other providers can't reach or reach with poor quality connections. Since 2012 we've been providing a real and efficiend solution, connecting more than 25.000 homes and businesses in the Balearic Islands to the Internet.

New Massive MU-MIMO network

State-of-the-art wireless technology, for rural homes without access to optic fiber

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We use Massive MU-MIMO WiMAX technology, which is destined to be the next revolution for wireless networks in the coming years. The multiuser, multi-input, multi-output technology, commonly called MU-MIMO, allows a radio device to communicate with numerous devices at the same time. This lessens the time each device needs to wait for a signal and speeds up dramatically the network.

From mid-2021 we've been updating the technology on our repeaters, going from the TDMA WiFi standard on the 5GHz band to a new, revolutionary system by Cambium Networks with Massive MU-MIMO and beamforming that allows us to provide wireless connections in the Balearic Islands with the highest speeds, stability, and low latency.

Our WiMAX network is based in optic fiber connections that we transmit via high capacity wireless links at strategic points that will allow you to get an Internet connection at your home without the need for a landline.

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Stable connection without usage limits

Don't get your data limited with a 4G connection

Our connections (unlike a 4G connection from a mobile service provider) enjoy stable connections that don't change depending on your location at every moment. Furthermore, you get more bandwidth, less latency and no data limits.

The 4G connections are not suitable for regularly used connections as once the included data in the plan is exhausted the speed is degraded or you incur in additional charges for the extra data usage, turning your connection into a torture or having the possibility of receiving unexpected charges in your bill. You won't have to worry about such things with us.

Wireless high-speed

Enjoy high speeds werever you live

Thanks to the latest wireless technology deployed at our WiMAX repeaters we have a high capacity radio network available to provide high bandwidth service to the final user at virtually any place in the islands.

Because of this you can sign up for bandwidths ranging from 4 MB to 35 MB, though by request and with a preliminar study we can reach speeds up to 500 MB.

Our connections are ideal for applications that require low latency (delay in milliseconds of the connection), then the average latency is less than 10ms from your home to our main node where we interconnect with other providers. This makes playing with your game console or video calls become an amazing experience, without connection drops or packet loss.

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Advanced options, they're also possible

Our connection can go further and offer professional options like for example: Fixed IP address, IP phone, Hotspot areas, VPN (headquarters permanent intercionnection) or own IP ranges allocation.

It is also possible to have professional simetric connectivity for companies that require important internet presence needs. Don't hesitate to contact us about it.

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