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At ConectaBalear we believe that the best service is offered thanks to the collaboration of every person that is part of our team. We all come from different academic and work backgrounds but we're all united by a single mission: connect Balears to the world, wherever you live.
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Our mission

We connect the Islands to the world

Our project began with a very clear objective: bringing Internet to the most remote places on our islands, so every single inhabitant can get the information they need and express their views to the rest of the world at any time.

We have already connected more than 18.000 homes to our network. With a wireless Internet coverage of 99% at Mallorca and Ibiza and optic fiber available at more than 250.000 homes in the islands, we're just getting started.

Our values as a team


Connectivity needs are always in constant evolution, and that's why our work filosofy consists in investigating new techniques and technologies to be always on the lead.


We firmly believe that the best way to treat our customers is with transparency at all times. Gaining that trust allows us to offer our services without compromises or lies.


Diversity and past experiences of each one build different opinions and point of views. We all have something to share and we all can inspire our coworkers to thrive and be better at our jobs and personal life.


More than a company, we think of ourselves as a team and a family. At ConectaBalear we care for the wellbeing of our colleagues and work together for a better environment.


To innovate first you need to get new skills and to grow as a professional. Evolving means listening, working as a team, teaching, and learning.

What we expect from you

Our mission requires people who give the best from themselves. We want you to feel proud of your work and your coworkers' and to feel the emotion of celebrating our successes.

We expect you to grow as a professional and as a person, that you feel encouraged to listen and to be ready to learn new things as well as sharing your knowledge.

At our team collaboration is key. Communication, empathy, and understanding make us better persons and professionals. There's no place for idologic discrimination.


Flexible work schedule

Depending on the department you're joining you'll have the option of request a work schedule that allows you to organize your private life. You'll also have flexibility to choose your vacation days.

Access to training

When joining our team a coworker will train you in your new environment. Later you'll be able to request access to other courses, books and training so you can learn new skills.

Resting areas

Our office has spaces to rest and have a break if you need it. Also our kitchen and dining room are always stocked with drinks and coffee provided by the company.

Resting areas, flexible work schedule, and access to training.

Our headquarters

We have teams all over the islands, but our headquarters where all the work is organized is located at Manacor, Mallorca.

ConectaBalear is part of Soluciones Corporativas IP (SCIP) where we're also developing other projects and is a major domain registrar in Spain. More about SCIP →

At our office we have rest zones, kitchen and dining room, spaces for team working, and a training room for new coworkers.


Network maintenance

We manage the network nodes that are essential to keep your home always connected to the Internet.


Our job is to solve technical doubts from our customers and assist the installation and customer service teams in all their needs.

Systems administration

We manage the company servers to keep everything connected and working, always in the most optimal way possible.

Fiber optic deployment

We are the team that you see at the streets on your town, installing the fiber optic cables. Our presence announces the arrival of high-speed Internet.


At the stockroom we make sure that all our coworkers at the deployment and installation teams have access to every tool and equipment they need to perform their tasks.


We're responsible for developing our services and creating the tools our coworkers need for their jobs. We also manage this site. :)

Installation and assembly

When you hire us we come to your home to get your Internet service connected and ready to go.

Marketing and communication

We're responsible for all the advertising, the social network management, and to analyze and ensure that all the work from our colleagues reaches our target audience.


We make all the advertising along with the marketing team, and design sites like the one you're reading now.

Customer support

We solve doubts for our current and future customers and we kick off the Internet installation process.


We're here to make sure the company keeps working and that all accounting is up-to-date as required by the authorities.

Optic fiber splicer

Our job is to make the final step before connecting our customers to high speed Internet: connecting the fiber to our network.

Open positions

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Even if you don't find any position that fits with your qualities we're always interested in meeting anyone willing to join our team.