Internet in Menorca for rural homes without landline

Connections with the latest wireless technology to connect to the Internet with the best speed in virtually any point in Menorca

15 Megabit

Without permanency
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  • 15 MB download
    2 MB upload
  • Optional landline
    No cables needed
  • Registration + Installation Offer
    Free 200€

25 Megabit

Without permanency
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  • 25 MB download
    3 MB upload
  • Optional landline
    No cables needed
  • Registration + Installation Offer
    Free 200€

35 Megabit

Without permanency
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  • 35 MB download
    4 MB upload
  • Optional landline
    No cables needed
  • Registration + Installation Offer
    Free 200€

Holiday home? Pay for the Internet only for the months you use it

Not at home for the next month? Deactivate your connection and only pay a low maintenance fee.

Free registration and installation for WiMAX Pro in Menorca offer: Valid for new customers with new registrations and installations for WiMAX Pro in Menorca signed up before 31 May 2024. Doesn't include advanced installation setups nor additional costs for extras and optional devices.

Signing up for ConectaBalear Internet is this easy

Choose your services and send us a request

Choose your desired connection, fill in your contact details and the service address.

We check your coverage and call you

We'll get back to you to confirm if your home is covered by our network.

We install a small antenna

We'll connect your home to the Internet using an antenna that links to our repeaters.

Connect, browse and talk

You can now connect to the world. Welcome to the high speed Internet, wherever you live!

WiMAX Pro Internet coverage

Our new WiMAX Pro network uses the latest innovation in wireless technology based on beamforming with Massive MU-MIMO antennas, providing better stability for the network to offer higher transfer speeds, less staturation and a better leverage of the radioelectric spectrum.

Extend your connection with these extras

Landline Telephony

Without permanency
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  • Calls to Spain
    from 0,0242 €/min
  • 1.000 minutes flat rate
    for 7€ more
  • International plans
    from 10 €/month

Other extras and devices

Our extras and additional devices will allow you to get the Internet you need, wherever you need.

Download our app

Manage your Internet connection and your mobile services with ConectaBalear's app

Configure your WiFi network
Check your call and data usages
Download all your invoices

High speed

Surf the Internet without waiting times, make video calls and play online. All of this without any monthly usage limit and low latency.

No phone line required

Thanks to our WiMAX wireless connection network you don't need phone cables to connect to the Internet.

We speak your language

We offer customer service in your language, and a fast technical response service for any problem to be able to solve it in the least amount of time possible.

Control your usage

From your customer area, you can manage your connection, review your usage and download your invoices.

Questions? We've got answers

After my registration request, how long it takes to have the installation done?
The waiting time for the installation is about 7 working days, although depending on the volume of work this period may be longer.
Does the service have permanence?
No, none of the services we offer has permanence.
Do I need a phone line to have Internet?
No, It is not necessary to have any kind of line or telephone wiring.

Our system works with a small antenna that we will install in your home or business, through which you will have an Internet connection and, optionally, telephone access.
Do I have to purchase a new phone?
The phone service works through IP technology so you will need a converter to be able to continue using the wall sockets in your home or your phone.

Another option is to directly purchase a VoIP phone.
What equipment do I need to have an Internet connection?
You only need an antenna that our technicians will install in your home or business and a router in case you want to have a WiFi network at home to connect several computers, tablets, smartphones, consoles, etc.

The antenna is the property of ConectaBalear, so in case of a service cancellation, the antenna will be removed.
If it cannot be withdrawn within a maximum period of one month, it will be billed according to the conditions of the contract.

Get Internet + Mobile service and save

Sign up for any of our mobile plans with your Internet connection and we'll put a discount on your line price

Questions? Call us free at 1699

Call from Monday to Sunday and we'll help you choose the service that best suits your needs, without any commitments!