Internet on demand

Focused towards secondary homes, apartments or holiday homes, our hibernation service lets you deactivate your Internet connection during the months you do not use it, paying only a maintenance monthly fee of 12,10€.

For holiday homes

Do you offer a house for rent? Now you can offer Internet connection to your clients and hibernate it during the months that you do not have clients staying in. Do you receive a last minute reservation for Eastern or Christmas holidays? Activate your Internet connection at any moment from your customer area.

For seasonal businesses

Great if you have a business that only opens during the summer season, you will be able to have Internet connection and save money hibernating the service during the long Winter months.

For secondary homes

If you have a secondary home that you visit during the summer or even a few weeks every now and then, you will like to have Internet connection. You will be a able to pay less by hibernating your connection until you wish to activate it again.

Internet on demand (service hibernation) not available on optic fiber connections offered indirectly. Ask our customer service before requesting your connection.

Enable and hibernate your connection during the months you wish

Flexible dates

You decide the months you wish to activate and hibernate your connection. Have you had unexpected visits in the middle of the month? Activate your Internet connection at any time and pay only the proportional part of the days it was used.

Pay monthly

Our services are invoiced monthly. We don't know if you will be using your connection 6, 10 or 12 consecutive months, so we are not going to make you pay a pack of months or even pay a year in advance if you don’t need it.

Change your plan

If your location allows it, you will be able to change your Internet speed for a higher plan the months you need it. Revert it back to the normal plan whenever you wish.

Without permanency

Stay as long as you want. Our service is without any type of penalty for unsubscribing.


Complete month

Active Connection

When your connection is active, you will pay the normal monthly fee, always invoicing monthly and without any yearly payments.

Deactivated month.

Hibernated Connection

Program the hibernation of your connection for the beginning of the following month and you will only pay the maintenance fee of 12,10€.

Active for 16 days

Instant activation

Even when you have hibernated the service, you will be able to activate the connection in the moment you need it. You will only pay the proportional part of the days that you will use the service.

Activate it easily from anywhere

The hibernation of the connection service can be managed at any time from your client area, with your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can also send us an e-mail or call our office and ask us to hibernate the connection for you.

More information about the control panel

How does it work?

When you ask to hibernate the connection, this is programmed on the first day of the following month. A hibernated connection can be reactivated any time, but it cannot be hibernated again during the month.

How much does it cost?

The months that your connection is hibernated (inactive), you will be invoiced the cost of maintaining the connection for 12,10€ per month. If you activate the connection in the middle of the month, you will pay the proportional part of the days the connection has been active till the end of that month.

Can I activate or hibernate whenever I want?

No, a hibernated connection can be activated any time, but the hibernation is programmed for the first day of the following month.

High speed

Surf the Internet without waiting times, make video calls and play online. All of this without any monthly usage limit and low latency.

No phone line required

Thanks to our WiMAX wireless connection network you don't need phone cables to connect to the Internet.

Control your usage

From your customer area, you can manage your connection, review your usage and download your invoices.

We speak your language

We offer customer service in your language, and a fast technical response service for any problem to be able to solve it in the least amount of time possible.

Check your Internet coverage

Our Internet service reaches thousands of homes in the Balearic Islands. Check what services are available at your home.

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