Fiber installation at your home

We explain the steps that we follow to connect your home to our fiber network

Connection from your street to inside your house

Our technicians proceed to carry a fiber optic cable from the CTO (optical terminal box) to the interior of your home where the PTR (optical network termination point) is located. If it is a modern home, the CTO is located in the telecommunications room of the building (RITI). Depending on the difficulty of the wiring the installation at this point takes between 1 and 2 hours.

We connect the ONT and configure everything that is necessary

At this point, the PTR and the ONT (fiber optic router) are connected by an optical fiber cable. This ONT has WiFi so our technicians leave the service and your internal network connection configured.

You can already browse at the maximum speed

The process has finished and our technicians check that the installation meets the quality levels. You can now fully enjoy the ultra fast broadband connection you just hired!

¿How do we bring fiber to another town?

Installing a fiber optic network in a town requires time, dedication and support from local authorities and their citizens. Here we explain the whole process.

First phase: the project

First contact

The first step before deciding whether to start a fiber project in a new location, is to conduct a study assessing the interest of citizens, the number of people who already use our Wimax services in the area and if ultra fast broadband services are already offered there.


Our engineering team contacts local authorities and thoroughly investigates the area: streets, population density and existing underground pipelines. All this to have the best and most complete radiography that will allow us to carry out our work in an efficient way and with the minimum inconvenience for the neighbors of the locality where we are deploying.


Once we have all the details, we design an optical fiber map optimized to the specific needs and features of the town. Then we officially present our technical project to the city council for approval, ending the first phase and being able to start the second phase, the deployment.

Second phase: the deployment


Our technical team begins to deploy the optic fiber along all the streets of the town, following the design presented by our engineering team. In this phase you will frequently see several workers and vehicles of ConectaBalear in the area. That means there is not much left!


After having completed the laying of fiber cables throughout the urban nucleus, our installers are responsible for merging and connecting the entire network. To finish the project, we make a reflectometry diagnosis and certify that the entire network works as it should. At this moment, you can already connect with the fiber!

Our network

From Wimax to #conectaconlafibra

We are the reference operator in the Balearic Islands in the rural environment, we offer connections via radio where the rest of conventional operators can not reach, or do it with poor quality. Since 2012 we have managed to offer a real and efficient solution, connecting to Internet more than 23.000 homes and businesses in Mallorca and Ibiza.

Thus, at the end of 2016 we set ourselves a new goal: to be the telecommunications company, of Balearic capital, leader in fiber optic connections (FTTH). That is why we have started the first phase with the launch of our own fiber network in locations unattended by the large operators with the purpose, in a second phase, of reaching all of Mallorca, and finally the rest of the Islands.

We rely on our optic fiber trunk network, with which we join the Wimax transmitter centers, and we connect by submarine cable to Valencia with high capacity links. This makes us an independent and autonomous operator with a great capacity for growth.

Thanks to our engineering department and our own external team, the ConectaBalear fiber optic network is developed. It is an owned network, without dependence on third parties, which allows us to control the entire process from the beginning of the project to the start-up. It allows us to offer the best possible service, having total management over all our infrastructure, and being able to grow without limitations.

ConectaBalear takes optic fiber to your home, while other competitors only reach their node only at street level, changing from there to a coaxial cable to your home, thus limiting the growth capabilities of your Internet connection.

This difference allows the installation to remain forever, since it prepares the home to be able to reach speeds of more than 1 Gigabit per second. You will be ready to enjoy what is to come!

Indirect Fiber

What is the Indirect Fiber?

Indirect fiber is the fiber offered by a telecommunications company that does not have its own network in a given location.

We have reached wholesale fiber agreements with other operators, allowing us to offer broadband service in all towns in the Balearic Islands where we do not have our own network.

The difference between a direct and an indirect fiber connection is minimal. Users are not affected by it as service and quality are the same, therefore there is no difference when you are contracting this service.

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