Your Customer area

At ConectaBalear we offer a customer area from where to manage all aspects of your Internet and mobile connections, from the billing details to the WiFi network configuration.

Manage your connection

Manage your connection

Service status

Check the connection status and the last public IP address.

WiFi Configuration

When connecting one of our routers you'll be able to change the WiFi name and password from your customer area.

Ports, uPnP & DMZ

Configure the list of ports you want to open, activate the uPnP (automatic port opening) functionality or the DMZ option to redirect all the incoming traffic.

Dynamic DNS

Configure a Dynamic DNS like that will always point to your current connection IP to access it remotely.

Connected devices

Check the list of DHCP leases to see the list of devices connected to your network and their internal IP Address.

Your phone line

Actual line status

Check the status of your phone line and the total number of calls, call time, consumed data and the cost of the current month.

Usage and call graphics

Control the monthly cost of the calls thanks to a graphic that will permit you to compare the consume and number of calls made per day, months and even in previous years.

Call History

Keep up with your usage with an updated call history. Check the numbers that you called in January two years ago, whatever you want.

Voicemail & Call forwarding

Activate and configure at any moment the voicemail, or forward the calls to another phone number when you're not at home.

Your data up to date

Download your invoices

Check the invoice history to see them or download them in PDF format whenever you need them.

E-Mail accounts

With your Internet connection you will be able to create up to 5 e-mail accounts like you will be able to check from everywhere.

Help History

From your customer area you will be able to send messages to our support team and see a history of the responses we've sent you.

Our Internet reaches thousands of homes in the Balearic Islands

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