How it works

1. We check your coverage

Upon receiving your request we'll check the coverage of your home. On the day of the installation, our technicians will perform a final coverage test to ensure the quality of the service and good signal reception.

2. We install a small antenna

After checking the signal quality, we will install a small antenna in an elevated location of your home. This antenna connects to our nodes via WiMax and will provide you a high quality Internet connection.

3. Connect, browse and talk

After the installation, you'll be able to connect to the Internet via WiFi or a cable from the router to your computer, just like you would with a DSL connection. Now you can browse without delays and at the best speed!

Cutting edge technology

We use WiFi/WiMAX (802.11n TDMA) in 5 GHz band technology to get where traditional operators can't.

With this technology we are able to give a high speed, stable and low latency Internet connection in Majorca and Ibiza.

Our network is based on optical fiber connections transmitted through wireless links placed in strategic points that will allow you to have Internet at home without need of phone line.

3G connection? Do not get limited

Our connectiongs—unlike a 3G line of a mobile operator—have a stable connection and which doesn't fluctuate depending on the position you are at that moment. They also have a higher bandwith, lower latency and unlimited data usage.

3G connections are not suitable to be used as an usual connection then, once you exceed the Megabytes included in your “flat” rate, your browsing speed is reduced or your provider charges you an extra fee for your consumed traffic, making of your connection a torment, or the possibility of unexpected charges when you receive your bill. You don't have to worry about this type of billing with us.

An amazing speed

Thanks to the latest TDMA wireless technology, we have a high capacity Internet connection which is able to give the user a big broadband connection in practically any part in Majorca and Ibiza.

For this reason you can hire bandwiths ranging from 3 Mbits to 12 Mbits, although on demand and with previous study we can reach speeds of up to 100Mbits

Our connections are ideal for applications that require low latency (delay in milliseconds of the connection), then the average latency is less than 10ms from your home to our main node where we interconnect with other providers. This makes playing with your game console or video calls become an amazing experience, without connection drops or packet loss.

Advanced options, they're also possible

Our connection can go further and offer professional options like for example: Fixed IP address, IP phone, Hotspot areas, VPN (headquarters permanent intercionnection) or own IP ranges allocation.

It is also possible to have professional simetric connectivity for companies that require important internet presence needs. Don't hesitate to contact us about it.

The expected date: Installation

Once we've checked your coverage and agreed a day and hour, our technicians will come to your home or business to perform the installation of the antenna that will provide you Internet. Usually the installation time takes between one and two hours and you'll be able to enjoy your new Internet connection from that moment on, with no waiting.

You can hire your Internet connection from this website, by phone or visiting our offices in Manacor.

Hire now your Internet!