What is Optic Fiber?

Fiber optic is a transmission medium for data that uses a very thin wire of transparent material, glass or plastic materials, through which light pulses (that carry data) are sent.

The advantages of the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) technology are:

  • Great speed in data transmission: with optical fiber you can reach high capacity speeds, without limitations. This technology is perfect for online gaming and also for video conferencing services since the latencies are lower than other technologies.
  • Better transmission capacity. The signal Is immune to external interference, since it does not suffer noticeable attenuation by distance as it occurs with the ADSL.

What is the difference between the ConectaBalear optic fiber and that of the competition?

Thanks to our engineering department and our own external team, the ConectaBalear fiber optic network is developed. It is an owned network, without dependence on third parties, which allows us to control the entire process from the beginning of the project to the start-up.

It allows us to offer the best possible service, having total management over all our infrastructure, and being able to grow without limitations.

ConectaBalear takes optic fiber to your home, while other competitors only reach their node only at street level, changing from there to a coaxial cable to your home, thus limiting the growth capabilities of your Internet connection.

How can I know if your network reaches my house?

Enter your address in the section “Search for coverage” of the website and check if it appears in the resulting list, you can also contact us at info@conectabalear.com or by calling 871 98 69 99.

If your address appears, you can contract our services and start browsing at high speed. Contract now

If we still do not offer service at your address, we recommend you send us your information because we are expanding the network every day! You can also ask us to extend the fiber network to your town in our Web conectaconlafibra.com

How long does the installation take?

The installation usually takes between one and two hours. It is convenient that a person with decision-making capacity is present to ensure that the installation is carried out according to the client’s needs.

What do I need in order to have fiber Internet connection?

You need an ONT (fiber optic router) that our technicians will install so you can enjoy the service. This ONT includes WiFi, 4 Gigabit network ports and the possibility of connecting the telephone line. This device has no cost for you.

Will I have Wifi with my fiber connection?

Yes, with the optic fiber router that we offer when doing the installation, you'll have sufficient coverage for your house and maybe part of the outside. In case of big buildings, with thick walls or houses with large terrain, the installation of a small antenna that increases the WiFi coverage can be requested. Thanks to it you'll be able to enjoy your new Internet connection also from the outside.

I already have a router, can I use it to connect to the Internet?

Yes, if you prefer you can use your own router, but it will have to be connected to the main optic fiber router (ONT) that our technicians will install.

Do I need a landline to have fiber Internet connection?

When hiring the service, we provide you a landline number that includes 300 minutes for national calls to landlines and mobiles.

Can I maintain my number?

Yes, we manage the portability process, which usually takes between 7 and 10 days approximately.

Will i loose the landline sometime?

No, the line will continue to work with your previous provider, but once we have the a portability date for your line, we will notify you to connect the telephone cable to our router.

Can I use my current phone with my fiber connection?

Yes, you can connect the cable of your phone to the router that the technicians will install. Another option is to connect the router directly to the interior telephone installation of your home, so you can connect the phones to any existing outlet.

Does the installation involve any work in my house?

It does not involve works, we will use the existing conduits where conventional telephone wiring currently enters.

I already have a Wifi/Wimax connection from ConectaBalear, do I have to pay for installation to switch to fiber?

Of course not, because you are already a customer of our Wimax service, fiber optic installation will be free of charge for you. Our technicians will pick up the antenna of your home once the fiber installation is finished.

Is the hired speed real?

Yes, with fiber optic you will enjoy the hired speed because the FTTH technology (Fiber To The Home) does not suffer attenuation by distance or other factors, which allows the contracted speed to be enjoyed at home.

But please note that the real speed that you hired, will be provided if you are connected by cable to the router, since Wifi connections may suffer variations due to the distance to the router (signal strength) or interference from other nearby Wifi networks.

Why do I need so much speed?

If you are asking this yourself, it’s because you have no tried our optic fiber connection.

You will be able to watch movies, videos and series live in high definition, without cuts or loading waits. You can upload photos and videos to your social networks at maximum speed. You can use the Internet on several devices at once without harming the rest, either by cable or WiFi. You can enjoy playing online with low latency, as it is stable.

Does the upload speed really matter, or only the download one?

Both speeds are important and that’s why all our fiber connections are symmetric. The download speed is used to browse and download content, while the upload speed sets the pace to share content on the Internet (for example: upload photos, videos, files …)

What agents can affect the speed?

There are certain agents that can affect the perceived speed in a timely manner. For example:

The real speed that you hire, is guaranteed when connection per Ethernet cable to the router. If you notice slowness while browsing, we recommend you to run a speed test connecting the device per cable and also ensuring that you do not have any other application or program activated using the connection.

The connection by Wifi, although being a very widespread technology among households for allowing the Internet connection from anywhere in the house, does not guarantee the enjoyment of the contracted speed. This is because there are many environmental factors that interfere in it, such as: the distance between the router and the device, the walls of the houses, ceramics or even the mirrors that are in the home.

There are servers that are not capable of serving content at high speeds.

Do I have a monthly download limit?

No, the download/upload speed won’t decrease at any moment or will we charge you any extra fees. Our optic fiber connections are unlimited, enjoy your connection without worries.

Is there permanency when contracting a fiber connection?

You'll be able to contract your connection and cancel it when you want, except if you are told otherwise when formalizing the contract.

Can I open ports to improve my connection for online games and other applications?

Yes. From our customer area you will be able to configure all the parameters of your connection, for example: port forwarding, DMZ, UPnP, changing the Wifi password, etc. This changes are made automatically, so you'll be able to do them at any time.

How can I pay for the service?

The sing up (installation) of the service and the monthly rates are paid by bank debit or by credit/debit card.

What response times do you have in case of failures?

We give priority to failures, once they are reported, the problem is checked from our office. In case that we have to move to your location, this is normally made in 24-48 hours in working days, but in most of the cases it's fixed during the same day.

Can I hire a higher speed connection to the ones you offer on your website?

Yes, in case you need a higher Internet speed contact us, we'll study your needs and send you a custom budget.

Do you want fiber in your home? Check the coverage and ask for an installation appointment