Do I need a landline to have Internet connection?

It's not necessary to have any type of phone line or phone wiring. Our system works with a small antenna that we install in your house or company, through which you get Internet connection and optionally, phone connection.

What happens if I already have phone line and ADSL?

ConectaBalear operates independently, so that your phone line will remain intact and you can continue using it if you wish so. In case you want to keep your current phone number you can perform a number portability (transferring the number) and benefit from our reduced rates.

Do I have a monthly download limit like in 3G connections?

Unlike mobile Internet services, we don't reduce the download speed or penalize you by charging an extra rate because you downloaded more than what was contracted. Our Internet connections are unlimited, enjoy your Internet connection without concerns.

What do I need in order to have Internet connection?

You only need an antenna which our technicians will install in your home or company and a wireless router in case you want to have a WiFi network and connect multiple devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, etc.).

I already have a router, can I use it to connect to the Internet?

Yes, most of the routers can be configurated in order to retrieve Internet using our antenna, if you already have a router from your previous provider you shouldn't have problems in order to make use of it. Our technician will configure it for free. In any case, if you finally don't have one, we can provide it to you.

Can I have more than one computer connected?

Yes, as long as you have a router you'll be able to connect as many computers as you want using WiFi or wired connection.

Can I connect smartphones, game consoles, tablets and other devices?

Yes. Any device that supports WiFi can be connected to the router and have Internet connection. If your device doesn't have WiFi you can also connect it using a network cable.

I don't use Windows, does it work with Mac or Linux?

Of course! ConectaBalear works in any device with network capabilities—whether it supports cable or WiFi—independently of the operating system.

Can the connection be used for online games?

Yes. Our network uses the BGP4 protocol so you'll get a minimum latency. The ping of ConectaBalear connections is lower than the most ADSL connections.

Is the connection speed better than a traditional ADSL connection?

By offering our services with an independent system we can offer better connection speeds than the most DSL provides because of our connections don't depend on the state of your telephone line. In addition, due to the use of WiMax networks, we offer superior broadband connections to those offered by DSL providers in rural areas.

Do weather conditions like rain affect the connection?

Our WiFi network is ready to operate in adverse weather conditions and therefore we do not suffer incidents due to rain, hail, etc.

Do mobile phones cause interferences to my connection?

Mobile phones operate at a different frequency than WiFi networks and don't cause interference in our network.

How long does the installation take?

In the most common cases the installation doesn't take longer than one and a half hours work. We simply have to install an antenna at the rooftop and bring the cable inside your house.

is there any minimum contract time on Internet connections?

You'll be able to contract your connection and cancel it when you want, except if you are told otherwise when formalizing the contract.

Is it safe to use WiFi connection?

Our networks have all security measures in order to ensure that no one can intercept or access your personal data. Also, the WiFi network in your home will be password-protected so that nobody can use it without your permission.

Can other ConectaBalear users see the files stored on my computer?

No, your connection is independent of other ConectaBalear customers and therefore cannot acess your computer. Only computers connected to your home network will be able to have access to the files between themselves, as long as you have set them up to do so.

Can I open ports to improve my connection for online games and other applications?

Yes. From our customer area you'll be able to configure all parameters of your connection (port forwarding, DMZ, UPnP, etc). This changes are made automatically, so you'll be able to do the at any time.

Will I also have WiFi coverage in my garden, pool, etc?

With the router we offer when making the installation you'll have sufficient coverage for your house and maybe part of the outside. In case of big buildings, with thick walls or houses with large terrain, the installation of a small antenna that increases the WiFi coverage can be requested, thanks to it you'll be able to enjoy your new Internet connection also from the outside.

How can I pay for the service?

The monthly costs, the service installation and other products (WiFi Router, etc.) are paid by bank debit or using a credit/debit card.

What response times do you have on failures?

We give priority to failures, once they are reported, the problem is checked from our office. In case that we have to move to your location, this is normally made in 24-48 hours in working days, but in most of the cases it's fixed during the same day.

Can I hire a higher speed connection to the ones you offer on your website?

Yes, in case you need a higher Internet speed contact us, we'll study your needs and send you a custom budget.

Do you offer open WiFi area servics for entertainment and restaurants?

Yes, we also offer WiFi services for bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. Contact us in order to obtain more detailed information about it.

Do you want internet in your house? Check the coverage and ask for an installation appointment