Hotspot for your business

You can offer Internet to your customers in an automated method and without worries with our hotspot tool specifically designed for restaurants, bars, and hotels.

* Monthly cost with VAT included. Consult installation cost.

How does it work?

Initial installation

We will install in your business a router specifically prepared to offer and manage all client connections.

Configuration dashboard

From your dashboard you will be able to manage all services easily: fit out free WiFi, create payment connections and manage users for free access.

Satisfied Customers

If you offer payment service, your customers will see a home page where enter their access code.

Connection types

Depending on the kind of business you have, probably you would be interested in offer WIFI access. With our hotspot you can offer three types of connections: free, of payment and for registered users.

Free WiFi access

If you activate this option you can allow to the users your hotspot to connect free of charge. You can specify if you want, a connection time limit.

Charge WIFI access

You can create printable cards to give or sell to your customers, limiting the speed, time or maximum of discharge.

These cards can be used only once and you can generate as much as you want. They are often used in hotels.

WiFi access for registered users

Create users whom can connect to the Hotspot with credentials. You can individually set their speed limits, limit download per day, week, month and number of simultaneous devices.

From the dashboard you can also check if the user is connected and see the connection usage statistics in real time.

It is usually used to give access to workers without having to use payment cards.

More options

Customized logo

Customize the logo that the users will see of your hotspot. Add your corporate image, a photo, or image that you prefer.

Walled Garden

Allow the users to surf just the net that you decide, without any restriction. This option can be useful to publicize your site.


Redirects the users of your hotspot to the web that you decide after connect: your Facebook page, blog or website. Then they could continue surfing the net freely.

Are you interested? Contact us

If you want to know more about this service or you want to offer in your business, get in touch with us and we will explain you in more detail.

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