Optic Fiber in Port de Sóller

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Without permanency
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  • Fiber 100 Megabit symmetrical
  • Add a landline with unlimited calls to landline and mobile*
  • Free sign-up and installation*


Without permanency
I want it!
  • Fiber 1.000 Megabit symmetrical
  • Unlimitted calls to landlines*
  • Free static IP included
  • Free sign-up and installation*
For nonconformists

Fiber sign up & installation

We get everything ready to surf the web at max speed
Sign-up cost 150€
Setup on offer 0€
  • We connect your home to the fiber network
  • We install a suitable WiFi Router (without rent cost)
  • We configure your connection and landline
* Offer for free new fiber optic installations and signups for direct fiber optic installations and new customers carried out in the city centers until January 31st, 2022. For free registration and installation offers available to indirect fiber optic installations, check the conditions and minimum contract times with our customer service.
* Unlimited calls subject to reasonable and non-commercial use. Maximum 3.000 minutes to national mobile and landlines and 150 different destinations

Available in most of the localities

We already offer optic fibre in more than 200 locations in the Balearic Islands and we continue to expand our network of coverage without rest.

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What is the optic fibre?

Fiber optic Internet is the new way to transmit data to the world. The composition of the fibre cables allows a much faster data transmission and much more than the possibilities of an ADSL connection, all without interference and without complicated installation.

What can I do with the fibre?

  • Browse the net without delay
  • Watch series, movies and videos in high definition with your TV provider.
  • High speed digital content download
  • Connect all of your family's devices without interrupting anybody
  • Be the master champion by playing online with the lowest and most stable latencies

Advantages of ConectaBalear’s fiber

We have been working non-stop for years to offer you an Internet service with the best conditions, and of which we are all proud.

High speed connection

The days of connections with ridiculously low upload speeds have come to an end. If you synchronize files in the cloud you will notice the difference of the high upload speed.

Without permanency

Enjoy our service without any ties. We are so confident of being able to guarantee your satisfaction in using the connection that we do not need to tie you up in any way. Because you are free to contract with us and to leave if you wish to, or if your needs change.

Discount on your mobile rate

Contract any of our mobil rates with your Fiber connection and you will get a discount off the initial mobil rate price.

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Customer area

From our customer area you will be able to manage all the aspects of your Internet and mobile services, such as billing details and configure your WiFi network.

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Our fiber covers Thousands of homes on the Balearic Islands

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